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The Cates Park Concert Series is back after 3 years!

We are continuing the tradition of having a free, outdoor, concert series!

This year they are on every Saturday in August from 4pm-7pm on the waterfront stage in front of the food concession in Cates Park.  

This year the Cates Park Concert Series is back after a long 3 year hiatus due to the pandemic. This year the event will focus on songwriters giving artists an opportunity to perform their songs in the singer-in-round Nashville style format to tell the stories of their inspiration, how they were written and what they are about. The artists will perform acoustically or in an “unplugged” fashion for the community with 4 free concerts Saturdays in August from 4-7pm with 3 sets of 3 singer-songwriters (bands can play together as one artist) for a total of 9 artists/bands per show.


Donations are collected from audience members. 100% of the donations go to the artists/bands along with their guaranteed honorarium. This year marks the 23rd year of the Cates Park Concerts Series and Musart’s 26th season since the summer of 1998, which has now featured over 400 bands and over 200 singer-songwriters to the Deep Cove community.


Click the button below to see our 2023 artists and sponsors this year!





Current artists


The Musart Concert Series (formerly known as the Cates Park Concert Series) was developed in the summer of 1997 by Jeff Maynard and Tyler Pearson. Jeff Maynard was the first coordinator for MUSART to organize Deep Cove Daze. 


He was an enthusiastic student - now a highschool principal - who came to Tyler, the artistic director of MUSART, and said, "Why don't we put on original music concerts to support independent artists and bands on Saturdays in Cates Park leading up to Deep Cove Daze?" Tyler thought this was a great idea and that it fit with the MUSART mandate. 


With no funding that first year, they started the series with a bare-bones PA from the eighties and tiny amps propped up by rocks for monitors. This series grew from there and has featured over hundreds of bands and artists to date. 

THE Musart


The Musart Concert Series Compilations first started in 2001. The original intent was to give all proceeds to charity while raising the profile of the bands and artists.  


In the past, MUSART raised thousands of dollars for charities such as the BC Cancer Foundation, Parkison's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many more. With the funding bodies wanting to see the artists and bands being paid, MUSART decided to shift the money raised from the proceeds of the compilations to paying the artists and bands.

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